Radical self-acceptance through understanding yourself so that you can live your life’s purpose

What's Covered

  • Radical Self-Acceptance Based on Ayurvedic Philosophy
  • Ayurvedic Psychology: Mental Patterns that Support Transformation
  • Ancient Wisdom for Living Your Truth
  • Community and Inclusivity
  • Practices for Daily Alignment Including Food, Yoga + More

All course material is based in traditional Ayurvedic and Yogic texts including the Bhagavad Gita and Charak Samhita.


MODULE ONE: Intro to the Bhagavad Gita with an emphasis on what dharma looks like in your real, modern-day life


MODULE TWO: Achar Rasayana- exploring the concept of living true to ourselves through the ancient guidelines (personal, mental, social and dharma)


MODULE THREE: Seva, service, community and your unique talents


MODULE FOUR: Daily alignment- basic practices for yoga, food, and daily living, practical applications that support dharmic living for you as a unique individual

Bonus Materials:

The Foundations of Ayurveda

Discover the Doshas

The Doshas in Depth

Plus Guest Teacher Offerings to Support You in Living Your Dharma

Course Dates:

Currently available as self-paced.

Course Format:

  • 4 Modules for self-paced viewing
  • Modules include video lessons and PDF notes with journaling exercises to make the information come alive for your real life
  • Meditation and mudra practices to support deeper wisdom
  • Embodiment practices to feel your dharma within
  • Simple Ayurveda group chat off social media for like-minded new friends and support

Guest Teacher

Kaya Mindlin

Kaya will guide you through a foundational teaching of the Bhagavad Gita, rooted in traditional Vedic philosophy, based on advanced expertise. Kaya makes timeless yogic teachings meaningful for modern life, offering them with warmth, compassion and humor.

Guest Teacher

Natalie Brite

Natalie will walk you through the Wheel of Life- a clarifying and conscious look at all aspects of your life and how they relate to each other. She specializes in sustainable, ethical business marketing.

Guest Teacher

Graciela Rasor

Graciela will lead you through a healing session that gives you the permission to recognize and live authentically as your truest, most magnetic self. Which, of course, you've had all along. She is a human design expert and spiritual guide with a sense of humor.

Guest Teacher

Brittany Dixon

Thai Yoga practitioner/Ayurvedic chef Brittany will guide you through a soul nourishing meditation. She has magical energy that will put you at ease immediately.

Let's get started!

What previous students have said...

"It has been quite a journey but I actually feel I am coming into my true calling. Having the philosophical foundations is something I hold dear to my quest."

"The Gita and the gunas are definitely areas I didn't fully grasp in my yoga teacher trainings so I enjoyed the refresher. I loved the self-inquiry questions."

"I loved hearing the synopsis of the Mahabharata so I finally have the backstory to the Gita - Yay!"

"Angela has the gift of making this ancient practice modern and relatable."

"I see how the doshas fit into my dharma; how my dharma archetypes are reflected in my life's story."

"My favorite part was the live calls! It was so comforting to hear from a community of students, a lot of whom were in the same position as me with being newer to Ayurveda. It was reassuring and encouraging to hear how others were contemplating with similar questions - especially when it came to discussing dharma. It told me that we're all on this journey together!"

"My favorite part of the course was the zoom calls! My second favorite part was exploring the Bhagavad Gita, especially over the zoom call. All of a sudden, I could see the relevance of this text to my life. The use of the text was really well explained and I found that reading it in small bite-sized pieces was great. Awareness of seva and dharma has given me a lot to meditate over and I’m using it to guide my home practice and beyond."

"I loved it all so much! My favorite parts would probably have to be either learning about the Ayurvedic basic principles or reading the verses from the Bhagavad Gita. Reading those verses reminded me of the importance of daily study. Angela does an amazing job of teaching the importance of being gentle with yourself. She breaks down Ayurveda to make it more comprehensible and gives encouraging advice on how to simply transition into a more mindful way of living. I love how she makes Ayurveda accessible to people in all aspects of their lives and ensures her students that this practice is not all or nothing. Our lives are constantly changing and our relationships with our Ayurvedic practices will change too and that is okay!"